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131 West Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, New Mexico


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This August, Patina presents two exciting exhibits of contemporary designer jewelry. Form 2 Function, opening August 3, brings together works from two European artists whose highly acclaimed contemporary works epitomize refined simplicity.

French artist Claude Chavent creates trompe l'oeil masterworks in silver, gold, platinum and iron. A master illusionist, he imbues his works with the appearance of dimension by juxtaposing the natural tones of combined metals and their textured surfaces, creating an Escher-like effect. A flat square appears to be a cube and a circle seems voluminous as a sphere. Chavent's works reside in the collection of New York's Museum of Art and Design.

The trompe l'oeil dimensionality of Chavent's works counterpoint the voluminous, hand-forged "cocoons" of Erich Zimmermann. Where Chavent creates the illusion of volume, German artist Erich Zimmermann celebrates it. Each voluptupuous "cocoon" is a hand-forged sculpture, textured to enhance this quality. Though each is a masterpiece of precision, there is a soft organic character to the forms, too. In part, it is this juxtaposition that makes his work so appealing. Zimmermann has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the US.

This summer, Patina launches an exciting new offering called, "Observations," a series of demonstrations and discussions of jewelry making. During scheduled sessions, each of the artists will spend time with clients, sharing their techniques at an actual jeweler's bench and talking about their work and ideas. Observations with Zimmerman, August 4, 2pm, and with Chavent, August 5, 2pm.



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