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131 West Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

+001 (505) 986-3432

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M - Th: 11AM - 5:00PM
F - Sa: 11AM - 5:30PM
Sun: Closed


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Dear Artist,

Thank you for your interest in Patina Gallery representation. Please provide the following if you would like your work considered for exhibition:

Mail or drop off the following information:

* Contact information. Phone number, mail and email addresses.

* Visuals (disks, slides or high quality photographs) of your work.

* Resume, including a biography, artist statement, website address, press or magazine articles featuring your work.

* Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for return of your submission. We cannot return it without this.

* Another Self Addressed Stamped Envelope or Postcard if you would like verification that we have received your submission.

Please address the envelope to:

Patina Gallery
131 W Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Attn: Ivan Barnett

Or email to:


We will review your materials as soon as possible after receipt. Please be patient. It might be several weeks before we contact you. You will hear from us regardless of our decision about your work.

Due to our schedules, we are unable to review your portfolio or actual works on an impromptu basis. We emphatically discourage a “cold call” approach.

Thank you for respecting this review policy, and thank you for your interest.


Ivan Barnett
Gallery Director


131 West Palace Avenue . Santa Fe NM 87501.
Phone: 505.986.3432 . Fax: 505.986.1879
e-mail: .





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