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Lluís Comín

From a young age, it was clear that I wanted to make a type of jewelry that was not merely ornamental. The jewel is my way of expressing myself artistically with total libertad (freedom)… I try to create a symbiosis between the jewel and its wearer, so that the two become unified.

At a young age, Spanish artist, Lluís Comín, first learned the art and trade of jewelry making in his father’s atelier. Today, the family atelier lives on, now including the skills of his two daughters and wife. Few contemporary jewelers come from a family tradition and I was lucky enough to learn the trade with my father.


Now, it is my daughter Elena who learns from me, I feel like the link of a very old chain that transmits ancestral knowledge through time. Comín seeks to absorb the ancient craft of jewelry in order to advance it into contemporary innovation. Using an array of metals such as silver, bronze and copper, he will combine the precious elements with wood and other materials he finds in nature to produce a specimen of multi-dimensional design. Comín endeavors to illustrate a breathing composition, one that facilitates his desire for artful invention while infused with an appreciation for the organic muse that first inspired his creation.