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Seth Anderson

Finding the Line

The line, which takes hold in most of my work, has the ability to reflect a multitude of attributes whether it’s loose and free or rigid and structural. Lines can show emotion and movement, limitations and confinement. They can also just set a foundation of letters of words or numbers in math. Essentially the basis for how we communicate and learn.”

Since he was a child, Seth Anderson possessed a passion for design. Today, he is well known as a contemporary artist, textile designer, furniture-maker and interior designer, working in a large array of media. 

Following the line, Anderson seeks to use it as a focal point in his paintings to discover linear, artistic topography in his work. Using ink and paint on paper, the artists collages the composition onto wooden panels, which are then covered in a wax overlay. In turn, the completed piece is a dynamic illustration of sweeping black lines resting atop a medley of pattern. Anderson is fascinated by the function of the line and its visual relationship to how we navigate our lives. Taking the form of undulating shapes, colors and textures, Anderson paves an introspective map. As his abstract narrative prevails, it questions our introspective look at life, as well as offering a beautiful work of art.