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Sol Hill

Uncovering the imprints of life.

Noise breeds discovery and potential. When you turn your attention to it, you uncover the possibility of new meaning in embracing the unknown…. The noise in my work bridges physics and mysticism. Whatever the modality - science, art, spirituality - we learn and grow the most by engaging with the unknown.

Driven by his travels, studies and experiences, New Mexico-born photographer, Sol Hill, embraces the noise to create Metagraphs, where writings of light evolve into archetypal expressions.

Capturing the imprint of energies, be it endemic energy or cosmic noise, stirred by the frenzy of electrons falling into the pixel ports of his device, Sol reveals energy’s underlying relationship to matter, beyond what our senses can tangibly perceive. 

Through a resulting matrix of texture and collisions of color, his visuals become visceral, ones that seek to unearth the underpinnings of reality that are not visible to the naked eye. Images uncovered are portrayals of the living experience, and a constant dance with nature’s vitality. In his metagraphy, the artist breaches the passage of understanding into the realm of transformation. 



“I create images from what some would consider the detritus of digital imaging. Specifically, I force the camera’s sensor to record system noise and “cosmic noise”, energies from outside the camera beyond the spectrum of visible light, creating what I call Metagraphs. I use this term to indicate that like a photograph, they are records of both light exposure and also exposure of energies we cannot perceive.”

“The resulting artifacts produce a kind of meta-vision, revealing aspects of reality that we do not normally see. It’s as if a window is opened into the mysterious realities beyond our limited perception, which for me, exist in confluence between science and spirituality. The goal of most of my Metagraphic work is to join science, technology, spirituality and art by tangibly presenting a piece of its energetic thumbprint in the universe we inhabit, of which, we are generally removed from except by scientific instrumentation or in rare extra-sensory spiritual experiences.”

This collection is made possible in partnership with co-curator, Craig Anderson, Anderson Arts.

Sol Hill