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VIP  Special client services are reserved for OUR MOST LOYAL FRIENDS, CLIENTS, AND SUPPORTERS  OF THE GALLERY.

To enquire or discover more please email Allison here at  


Services are reserved for our most important friends, clients, and supporters.


‘VISUAL CONNECTIONS’ the ability to video conference with Allison viaFacetime or Skype. An intimate experience you can have anywhere in the world which is equal to the sensation you feel when you walk into our beautiful space in downtown Santa Fe.

‘PRIORITY ACCESS’ invitations to special events at the gallery, early previews of new works, artist studio visits, special sale events, fundraisers and more.

‘ONE CLICK NOW’ purchase online with one click and have your orders fulfilled here at the gallery.

* Customers’ credit card data is kept safely on file at Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, not online. If we have your current data and mailing information, we will ship your piece to you within one business day. If we do not have your credit card data and mailing information on file, we will contact you within one business day.



NOTE: If you are not set up with VIP Services on your account you will be able to log in through this page but you will not have access to the VIP Special Client Services.


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