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Antique Columbian Shell, Turquoise and Agate Pendant Necklace

Maker: Lucia Antonelli

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Antique agate pendant set in sterling silver, Columbian shell, turquoise, antique silver talismans

Delicate beauty is expertly manifested from creative, intricate design in this piece by Lucia Antonelli. Along the necklace, the artist skillfully strings an assemblage of salvaged tiny, antique French brass beads. Within this careful gold-colored chorus are the hums and chimes of bright turquoise, and peach tones of Columbian shell. Adding balance and further dimension to her work, Antonelli imbues the piece with the silvery shine of antique silver talismans, fondly distributed throughout the composition. At the center of the work is a fine antique agate with peculiar charisma as its surface traces color and shape along its form. Gracefully encased in sterling silver, the pendant is a lovely addition to complete Antonelli's vivacious and tender work of art. 

• 37" (93.98cm) length of necklace

• 1.25" (3.18cm) length of pendant

• 1.5" (3.81cm) width of pendant

• Pendants are one of a kind and irreplaceable

• One of a kind

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