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Rolex Double Red SeaDweller - Model 1665, Mark II, 1967

Rolex Double Red SeaDweller - Model 1665, Mark II, 1967

Maker: Rolex

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The SeaDweller was born in the 1960's out of the collaboration with COMEX, a French deep sea diving company, the NASA of the deep seas.

The Double Red SeaDweller has become iconic for several reasons.  This watch, with a perfect dial and original condition, makes it relatively rare.  The watch wears comfortably for everyday use and the beautiful dial, with two lines of red, makes the dial stand out from most other watches available. 

The Double Red SeaDweller will continue to win collectors hearts and minds.   

• Leather distressed Nato strap (developed by the military to be more secure), also comes with an Oyster bracelet
• Black dial, domed crystal, two lines of red writing on the dial
• Stainless steel, case back engraving
• HEV (Helium Escape Valve) - 2000 feet 610 meters
• Unpolished, screw-down crown, mechanical self-winding (no battery)

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