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Rolex GMT Master - Model 1675, 1978

Rolex GMT Master - Model 1675, 1978

Maker: Rolex

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In 1954 Pan Am started using the newly designed Boeing 707 which allowed for Pan Am and a European airline to fly trans-continentally.  It is said to have started the commercially available jet age. In the same year, Rolex received a request from Pan Am to create a technical pilot's watch indicating 2 time zones simultaneously that could be issued by the airlines to their crews on long, trans-continental flights.
The GMT was an immediate success and quickly adopted as the official timepiece of many of the world's leading airlines.  It is sophisticated, rugged and versatile.  The 1975 GMT's are becoming harder to find dur to the fact that they are becoming highly collectible and sought after among collectors.
• Jubilee bracelet
• Black dial, superlative chronometer, officially certified
• Date displayed, cyclops lens
• Stainless steel
• Oyster perpetual (waterproof and self-winding)
• Unpolished, screw-down crown

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