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Fire Rainbow

Fire Rainbow

Maker: Gretchen Ewert

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Pointillist pen and ink on textile image, on foam board, wood frame 

"Fire rainbows are considered rare atmospheric phenomena, but where I live they do happen with some frequency—formed by the refraction of sunlight/moonlight captured by ice crystals suspended in high altitude cirrus clouds. The rainbow effect is usually horizontal. I am considered to have 'the best view' - 360 degrees of fabulous scenery. When I inherited the land there was nothing out here. The house had to be built on the high part because the surroundings are floodplain, subject to flash floods washing everything down hill. I got the view out of necessity. The cloud shows are always amazing and best viewed from my roof (mattress hauled on top) late in the afternoon with a glass of wine. This is a funky scene."

• 40" length

• 16" width    

• One of a kind 

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