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Golden Drop Cuff

Golden Drop Cuff

Maker: Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

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18K yellow gold

Ulla & Martin Kaufmann imagine an exquisite sculpture for the wrist. Fashioning a teardrop bracelet in high karat gold, the artists make an impression as shape and scale enrapture the heart once worn. Together, the Kaufmanns take our breath away as they masterfully wield gold to satisfy their stately design. What at first appears to be straightforward, emerges with complex personality and unparalleled disposition. Ulla & Martin Kaufmann unveil an exquisite composition to delight the soul. A vision, brilliantly brought to life from the expert hands of the makers.

Shown with: White Gold Palladium & Diamond Ring, Spiral Bracelet, Large Folded Gold Earrings, Thin Plate Necklace and Tourmaline "U" Ring

• 2.84" (7.21cm) length of bracelet

• 2.71" (6.88cm) inside diameter of bracelet

• 1.45" (3.69cm) width of bracelet

• Expand the piece to fit over the hand and around the wrist

• Design may be reordered

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