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The Goldfinch

Maker: Michael Motley

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Wood, string, gauze, gesso, graphite, wax, hardware, metal leaf

This mixed media Goldfinch is inspired by the 1654 painting of the same name by Dutch artist, Carel Fabritius. The Goldfinch sits on its perch in a Dutch house, chained by the foot, a pet with nowhere to go. (This image is adhered as a ghost to the back on the piece).

Motley's interpretation is also as chilling with a charred finch sitting in contrast to the illumined panel he is silhouetted against, an allegory of the tragic explosion in the same year in Delft, that took the life of Fabritius. In a painting by Egbert van der Poel’s painting A View of Delft After the Explosion of 1654 the city is depicted laid to waste under a sky full of cloud and smoke. As shocked citizens help the wounded and search the rubble, birds fly darkly against the iron clouds.

• 13.25" length

•  9" width

• 1.75" depth      

• One of a kind

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