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Pied King Fisher with Gold Pool

Maker: Gretchen Ewert

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Earthenware clay, oil & acrylic paint with gold leaf.

"I love watching and sculpting birds. I am not a birder, but I live with them in my yard and I watch them when I’m traveling. I see what they do. Growing up we sometimes rescued a fallen Crow or Raven chick that would become imprinted onto our lives - even coming into the house to use part of our double laundry sink as a birdbath. There was no effort to make them tame, they were just part of the rhythm of everything else. The chicks grew up and 'left the nest', but would return landing on a familiar person’s head to say 'hi'."

"I saw Kingfishers traveling, and fell in love with their ‘Kingfisher-ness'."    

• 19.25" length

• 7.75" width    

• 6" height

• One of a kind 

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