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Pied King Fisher with Gold Pool

Maker: Gretchen Ewert

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Clay, oil & acrylic paint, gold leaf

Ewert borrows images from art history, visits museums and captures natural imagery while hiking near her Northern New Mexico home. Her hand-rubbed clay pieces, evoking the mythic connection of nature to man, prove once again her conviction that surfaces are important.

Ewert adds oil and acrylic paints and rubs the surfaces with newsprint. The result is a clean, simple look that reminds Ewert of her roots as a printmaker. Her clay pieces recall primitive religious artifacts and are often adorned with animal figures.  The slight asymmetry of these traditional, hand formed shapes, and the layered finishes are designed to produce active, vivid colors. 

• 19.25" length

• 7.75" width    

• 6" height

• One of a kind 

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