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June and Jupiter

June and Jupiter

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Antique glass eyes, antique porcelain doll parts, vintage and contemporary glass beads, stones

With June and Jupiter, Betsy says, "Roman Gods. The king and queen.  We ask ourselves, why is myth?  Why is myth so archetypal through the ages?  What are we all circling around?  I didn't name this piece after Gods.  I named it after a beloved dog and the planet of good fortune.  The Roman myth awareness came to my understanding of the piece in hindsight.  Myth speaks of journeys we all go through as we grow and learn.  New mythology is just old mythology reconfigured.  These are truths we learn how to operate as healthy, ever evolving beings.  That said, June and Jupiter, the two faced red bird is still revealing her story."

•  10" approximate height

•  6" approximate width

•  6" approximate depth

•  One of a kind

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