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Major Tom III

Major Tom III

Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Glass beads, stones, antique doll parts, pearls, coral, antique metal rings, sugilite, antique glass lamp rods

"The spaceships have been showing up in my work for thirty years." says Betsy.  "Ever fascinated with the idea that there is something to those experiences that don't fit neatly into a box, the UFO phenomena has been a subject matter stream.  In 2016, Scott and I had a UFO sighting in Blanchardville, WI which was investigated by MUFON  (Mutual UFO Network), an international organization. The sighting was concluded to be real.  Major Tom III is the grandson of David Bowie's character, Major Tom."

The rods are painted with glow in the dark paint, and when charged with light, they will glow green, as seen in the image!

•  7.5" approximate height

•  6" approximate width

•  6" approximate depth

•  One of a kind

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