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Medium Turn Short

Maker: Naomi Mcintosh

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Laser-cut walnut wood, blue pigments

Naomi Mcintosh has taken her understanding for architectural processes to a small scale with this Medium Turn necklace, where space and body are intently considered.

The laser-cut elements in walnut exhibit a tight and strong grain on one side and a lovely blue pigment on the other.  The cut creates a burn mark on the edge, which Naomi finds quite gratifying, a sign of her process on the wood, where it's been and where it is going. Each flat and 2D element once layered, creates a magnificent voluminous 3D form, light in weight.

Designed to be fluid and move with your body.

• 1.08" (2.74cm) depth of elements in front

• .70" (1.77cm) depth of elements in back

• 17.5" (44.45cm) length

• Magnetic clasp

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