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Maker: Betsy Youngquist

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Mixed media

Of Muninn, Betsy says,  "On May 17th, 2018, our beloved dog, Chaco, passed over while in our back yard surrounded by loved ones.  Chaco's backyard domain had always been a nursery for wildlife and during the time of his decline, two baby crows were being raised there.  Chaco was a dog that was always very observant of the activity happening above him.  It seemed fitting for an exhibition happening around the Day of the Dead to include a beaded sculpture made with the loving energy of our dear boy.  My partner, Scott, carved two birds in honor of Chaco and the baby crows.  Muninn, stands as a representation of memory.  Muninn is a guardian for the memory of those we forever hold in our hearts."

•  17" approximate height

•  10" approximate width

•  16" approximate depth

•  One of a kind

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