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Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet

Maker: Peter Schmid~Atelier Zobel

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Sterling silver, 22K yellow gold, platinum, sapphire 66.81 ctw, natural rose cut diamonds 1.95 ctw

Bold effulgence illuminates from this extraordinary piece by Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel. The eye cannot ignore the full, beaming stone at the core of his composition. A large, deep blue sapphire sits in a thin, lustrous bed of high karat gold. Sparkling in the light, rays ricochet off of its various facets while also revealing a subtle, crystalline framework inside. Spiring from the top of the piece, Schmid skillfully places natural rose cut diamonds in amiable shape and proportion from one another. Platinum dustings and multiple trailings of surface set diamonds expand across the body of the cuff bracelet's sleek, silvery shine. On the wrist, the work is a beauty of intoxicating measure. A work of art, purely made for the beholder in mind. An eloquent, remarkable piece to satiate the soul.

• 2.43" (6.17cm) length of bracelet

• 3" (7.59cm) width of bracelet

• 1.65" (4.19cm) length of stone

• 1.25" (3.18cm) width of stone

• 0.44" (1.11cm) depth of stone

• One of a kind

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