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Topaz Bracelet

Topaz Bracelet

Maker: Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

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18K yellow gold, topaz

"Bangles that are reduced to their utmost become so opulent, and exhale their own magnificence. When worn, they lead lives of their own. They lose their stiff look and begin to play against the wearer’s body." - Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

In striking adornment, Ulla & Martin Kaufmann create an extraordinary design in high karat gold. The artists expertly hammer the metal to exacting tension and thickness to procure the finest band for the body. Discerningly, they place a big, softened blue topaz at the core of our affection. Glistening in symphonic rays across the wrist, the gem is a breathtaking beauty to capture the soul. Seamlessly, the piece wraps around for a comforting fit. In every tilt in the light, admire its perpetual glint and gleam. Its intoxicating composition is a compelling and mesmerizing statement to behold as it becomes a natural extension of the body.

• 2.32" (5.89cm) length of bracelet

• 2.26" (5.57cm) inside diameter of bracelet

• 1" (2.54cm) width of bracelet

• 1.83" (4.65cm) length of stone

• 0.60" (1.52cm) width of stone

• Expand the piece to fit over the hand and around the wrist

• One of a kind

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