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XO Bracelet

XO Bracelet

Maker: Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

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18K yellow gold

“The band was our conceptual starting point. Everything evolved from it.” - Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

In simple, striking adornment, Ulla & Martin Kaufmann create a deceivingly straight-forward design in high karat gold. However, as true masters of their craft, the artists hammer gold to exacting tension and thickness. Ultimately, they procure what at first is an unfathomable expression in gold that evolves into a complex, multi-faceted work of art. Seamlessly, the piece wraps around the wrist one and a half times for a perfect fit to form an X. In every movement and tilt in the light, admire it's perpetually gleaming disposition as its smooth surface becomes a natural extension of the body.

• 2.5" (6.35cm) length of bracelet

• 2.3" (5.84cm) inside diameter of bracelet

• 2" (5.08cm) width of bracelet

• Expand the piece to fit over the hand and around the wrist

• Design may be reordered

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