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Alishan Halebian

"Inspiration for me comes from architecture, nature, a song, or anything that is really beautiful"

Alishan Halebian began his design career at the College of Ceramic Art in Armenia. A self-taught goldsmith, he started his jewelry career in 1970 and soon after his clients recognized his unique artistic talent. His references to his Armenian heritage bring together the philosophies of two world cultures: East and West, which burst into creative expression of style in his distinctive collections.

Using sophisticated techniques, he creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing the metal’s distinctive beauty.

Notable for their individual characteristics and emotions and melding of line and form, his contemporary designs merge with classical art elements to bring exquisite style to each collection.

Halebien has won numerous prestigious competitions, including two awards from the International Pearl Competition from Japan, the High Achievement Award from the Contemporary Design Group as the Most Valuable Designer, and several awards from the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), as well as awards from the American Pearl Company and Platinum Guild International.

Alishan Halebian