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Entrusting Your Treasures
with Patina


Estate Services
Deaccessioning Your Collection

Allison takes great care to curate Patina in ways which engage our senses of sight, sound, taste and touch. Before works are staged in the gallery, each piece undergoes careful consideration:



Does it have soul?
Is it the best?
Does the gallery curator love it?


Through a mixture of jewelry, painting, metal, clay, wood and more, every work of art that comes through the gallery door must achieve this final defining factor; whether a new or estate piece, it must be work that she loves.


For your cherished treasure to join Patina's collection of works, there are a few simple steps to follow:


To collectors who are looking to deaccession pieces with Patina, please request a review session with Allison for the works you wish to consign. For an initial review, please email

As part of the process, please send images of the work, with appropriate documentation, records and receipts, if available. Please allow at least two weeks for Allison to evaluate the compositions for consignment.

Upon receipt of your information, the gallery will reach out to you to discuss your pieces. Upon acceptance, you will be presented with Patina Gallery’s consignment contract to review and sign.

Following intake of the collection, your estate pieces will become a part of Patina’s marketing vocabulary and will be included in the gallery’s signature curation, staging, sales and promotion.

All pieces of jewelry and objects of fine art are insured in the gallery.

Thank you for your interest in Patina’s Estate Services. We honor your commitment to collecting great works of art and are prepared to assist you in this process every step of the way.


For further information about the process, please call Allison at 505.986.3432 or email



Entrusting Your Treasures
with Patina