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Christiane Iken

With downright fanaticism, I experience the greatest delight in sensing the textures and forms that surround me… I’m interested in the rhythm generated by alternation, the repetition of structures and typologies, and the exciting tensions between positive and negative, mass and transparency.

At the mere age of 16, German artist, Christiane Iken, began her first goldsmithing apprenticeship in Bremen, Germany. To this day, Iken primarily works with high karat gold to utilize simple forms and basic shapes to materialize an aesthetic spirit, aspiring for completeness and sincerity. 

In this way, she seeks to construct airy, three-dimensional miniature structures, which interact with light, space, and proportion. With an eye for detail and how it will relate to the overall composition, Iken depends on form to convey her desired expression. Ultimately, she seeks to communicate a clear and direct philosophy: I believe that a piece of jewelry, which expresses a simple beauty and purity without sensationalism, will adorn, emphasize and fittingly, match the personality of its wearer.