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Suzy Wahl

Absorbing the Depths of Color

“Color! Color! Color! There is no medium I’ve ever used that produces the vibrant colors of this encaustic medium. In their undiluted state, the formations of the monotypes I create are pure clarity.”

Creating encaustic monotypes, Suzy Wahl brings contemporary painting to life. Beginning with a glass top hot plate, she pieces portions of colored wax together to draw her design. Once her painting is complete, she takes strong paper and presses it onto its molten surface. Following the traditional technique of monotype prints, Wahl creatively uses wax rather than the traditional use of paint or ink. 

Now the big reveal. The artist pulls the paper off to uncover a mirror image of her original waxen composition. The piece is then mounted to a frame of multi-density fiberboard, which may be placed on the wall or sit freely in the space. Wahl creates work reminiscent of landscapes and horizon lines as colors dance between the textured character of each piece: Bright, complex and with a scale both intimate and engaging.