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Maude Andrade

From Micro to Macro - Visual Language in Mixed Media

“For me, it’s a full body experience. When I start a new series, and I know I’m onto something, I can sometimes taste it.”

Maude Andrade is a mixed media painter, who grew up in a colorful family of artists and eccentrics. Born in Memphis, Tennessee she now resides in New Mexico, where she has spent most of her life. After earning a BS in Botany, Andrade cultivated a very fruitful career in textile design, earning her national recognition for her graphics and surface design techniques. 

Working in a range of media, she utilizes variances in material to divulge an inner language, or voice of expression. Her work may map a story of place, time or physical terrain – real, imagined or both simultaneously. From her background in chemistry, Andrade takes the micro image and brings it to the macro. Envisioning what an element looks like in their smallest representation, she elevates the imagery to encompass the entire surface of her canvas. She works within infinite artistic possibility, yet will abide by certain rules to foster creativity. She encourages one to get lost in the space, relish in the expanse and observe the underlying abstract narrative within.