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Boris Bally

Redirecting Art

“You can’t fake the natural look of a sign: The weathering, the scratching, the bullet holes. They tell the story of the sign. I think the patina is what makes these pieces so special.”

Building the bridge between fine art and functionality, maker Boris Bally creates pieces fit for both sides of the coin. In his crafted works, Bally turns forged, upcycled, aluminum street signs into lustrous and utilitarian pieces of art. Between his exacting use of wording, color, arrows and shapes, Bally imbues his objects with abstract personality. 

Bally is compelled by his creativity. Whether cutting, spinning or riveting found signs into everyday items such as bowls, the process encourages Bally’s hunger for high-energy invention as well as to feed his personal amusement. As said best by Bruce Pepich from Metalsmith Magazine, “…The purity of his forms, the quality of his intellectual constructs and the witty way in which he assembles disparate images and elements…have been hallmarks throughout his career.”