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In 1999 Patina Gallery was established on historic West Palace Avenue in the heart of Santa Fe’s museum district. Since its founding, Patina has become one of the most beautiful galleries in the world to exhibit exclusive, soul stirring contemporary jewelry and objects of fine art, representing more than 75 renowned global artists, many of whom reside in the permanent collections of significant American and International museums.


We believe “Patina = Beauty over Time” describes the quality we seek in the works that we exhibit, awe-inspiring work by master craftspeople who are museum-worthy, studio makers from around the world.


Patina’s promise, artist to artist, is to present only the best works of art, and works that our founders love. Through a carefully curated experience, tailored to the senses of sight, sound, and feeling, Patina emboldens collectors to experience works in a world of surface and textural wonder. Our space allows for personal discovery in all aspects of adornment, given in an environment that stimulates the senses and stirs the soul.


Discover new models for Patina Gallery photo shoots, who we will then work with repeatedly over time.

WHERE: Patina Gallery 131 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501

• Age range 25 - 55
• Any gender
• You do not have to be a professional model
• Awareness of hand gestures is important

If you feel you are right for us we would love to meet you!

OUTCOME. After reviewing, we will reach out to selected models to move the conversation forward



JOCELYN: Jocelyn, our current model and muse for the gallery, will be here as part of our model recruitment team. She is also the social media strategist, delivering our social media content to all platforms.

All Images: Model: Jocelyn Montoya.