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Gigi Mariani

“I have always been fascinated by the infinite potential that metals offer, and the opportunity of transforming their original properties in order to stretch the scope of what can be achieved...” - Gigi Mariani 

Mariani has enjoyed a career in the jewelry arts for over 30 years in Modena, Italy. The artist is well recognized for his dark and distinct works of wearable art. He has exhibited his works across Europe and has won multiple awards. His jewelry can be found in notable collections & institutions, including: The Helen Williams Drutt Collection of Modern Jewelry, the Silver Museum or Museo degli Argenti in Florence, Italy, the Olnick Spanu Collection in New York City, among others.

Mariani bestows everyday emotion into tangible moments among his oeuvre of works. Each piece is an intimate reflection of his aesthetic. 

Equally, each portrays what can be achieved through the interplay of light and shadow, where provocative glimmers of preciousness peek through the darkened fold. Bold, geometric shapes are employed to balance the overarching vision. Every decision is made to show an intrinsic essentiality of his materials.

Mariani combines classic goldsmithing technique with his own personal and contemporary touch. He does so for Patina, primarily through the use of niello, a black mixture composed of sulphur, silver, copper and lead. Forms classically composed in 18K yellow gold and silver, often imbued with granulation, are coated with dark, texturized stretches of this deep alloy to comprise one-of-a-kind sculptures for the body. Jewelry becomes ironclad, built of firm and structural beauty. 

Gigi Mariani