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Claire Kahn

The progression and thrill of color

Claire Kahn is a pointillist beyond compare. In her work, it’s as much about each element as it is about how those elements relate to one another and work together. Her crochet beadwork at Patina Gallery brings this perspective to exhilarating life, in swirls of color that arises from the mysterious juxtaposition of Japanese cylindrical glass beads.

While she combines these beads with precious and semi-precious stones, gold, coral, even sea pebbles, it’s the way she uses color that transforms these pieces from unique to unforgettable, from curiosity into craving.

Claire plans each sequence herself, without the use of a computer. Inch by inch she crochets, creating a seamless wonder of color, sometimes subtle, sometimes explosive, and all with a signature movement, a forward motion that carries the eye and spirit in a way that’s undefinable.

Claire creates her sensuous, serpentine pieces by hand, usually at the rate of one painstaking inch per hour. Her bracelets can take many forms: single strands, doubles, triples, even knots. Her necklaces, some as long as 85 inches, can be wound or knotted in any number of ways to create loops and twirls that highlight their color or the neck or wrist they adorn.

Patina Gallery is proud to show and share Claire Kahn’s work exclusively.

Claire Kahn passed away on August 16, 2023—and she would want us to smile despite it. And of course, she made it easy by leaving behind boundless beauty and a sparkling, artistic legacy. She used to say her jewelry was complete only when it was worn; thousands of beads whose true beauty was realized only when we wore a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet. We were the pattern’s final element. Which is why, now, and always, we honor Claire with gratitude and love.

Claire Kahn