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Friederike Maltz

“My work is much about three-dimensional pattern (and perception), line (in space), optical order and disorder, rhythm, organic form developed from geometric forms, folding, fixed and elastic connection

Berlin-based artist Friederike Maltz’s work is astonishingly diverse. Her creativity and masterful craftmanship are beautifully evident in each piece she composes. Maltz recognizes the potential of the material she uses, discovering newness in dialogue between the metals and the wearer.

Her earrings for Patina, are delicate geometric forms floating in space, functionally conceived down to the last detail. 

Formed from high karat gold, each piece is a continuous interplay between the second and third dimension, between line, surface and space. With every change of direction, the lines within her work form bodies that are perceived as a spatial structure in different ways depending on the viewer’s location.

Maltz has won several awards in jewelry, including two first prizes for applied art in the German Historical Museum, Berlin, and the Bavarian State Prize in 2005. Her collections have been shown in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; MAK, Frankfurt; German Historical Museum, Berlin; Kolumba, Cologne; and the Sinnen Collection at Grassimuseum.

Friederike Maltz