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Batho Gündra

I try to find a design language that is not timeless, but that outlives its time. 

For the work of German artist, Batho Gündra, unity form and precious stones in modern cuts are the sensation of his creations. Concentrating on a very puristic and reduced design language, done with unique pieces made of gold, his work ultimately goes back to the artful approaches of the Bauhaus school of art in Germany. 

The artist’s one-of-a-kind and small series work fascinate the beholder with their minimalist clarity and perfect functionality. While studying in Veneto, Gündra was left with indelible impressions made by the villas of Palladio and Carlo Scarpa’s modern architecture – especially due to their precision, detail and execution. With playful, yet meticulous construction in addition to his outstanding craftsmanship, Gündra’s work is characterized by their touch of adjuring sophistication.