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Barbara Decker

My jewelry should make you happy!

Whether modern interpreted jewelry, wedding rings or individual productions –as a goldsmith, my jewelry seeks to excite joy and enthusiasm.

For German artist, Barbara Decker, the stone propels the making process. The uniqueness of the crystal is her leading device. With powerful and clear design, Decker desires to emphasize the individuality of the wearer in intricate, delicate composition.

Lustrous, often diminutive golden chains descend to the main affection, the sweet coalescence of the diamond or stone of choice. She began her apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Berlin, which she left after five years in order to deepen her skills in the gold and silver city of Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since 2007, Decker has worked in permanent locations in Werkstatt and at Galerie Tragbar in Munich, a small jewelry gallery, which she shares with three other goldsmiths (including Patina artist, Sarah Cossham).