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Harris Deller

Meditative Patterns Marked in Time

I am interested in human contradictions, duality, paradox, juxtaposition, yin and yang… I use pattern to activate, mark time and record human activity. I use glaze to imply movement, passion and both are used to imply water and wind. My desire is to make vessels that are alluring, elicit a reaction and perhaps present a paradox.” 

For more than 35 years, fine art ceramist, Harris Deller, has examined the form and structure of the ceramic vessel, along with analyzing the medium of pottery and its place in the world. The ceramist says, at times, it is a balance between a spiritual adventure and meditation. 

Working with a set range of vocabulary, he investigates the permutations of selected formal elements, suppressing volume and exploring the dialectic between area, line, form and space. His work has been featured in more than 100 group exhibitions and over 15 solo exhibits in museums and galleries around the globe. Deller continually looks for elements that are unique to form and glaze. In turn, his work evolves from the artistic experience of process.