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Susanne Elstner

Something new and beautiful can grow out of a piece of burned wood. For something to grow from this material symbolizes hope for me… When I place a piece of charcoal in my hand, it tells me, so to speak, what kind of jewelry it wants to be.

Seeking to derive beauty literally from out of the ashes, German artist, Susanne Elstner, has established herself as a maker who crafts fine jewelry from her delicate material of choice, charcoal. Diligently, the artist gives notice to the fine lines of its charred character and its inherent structure by the way it was formed.

Stabilizing the object, Elstner ensures that the content will not disintegrate or rub off in its intended use. Juxtaposing charcoal with gold, blackened silver or even textiles in cross-stitch, Elstner composes a composition with strong contrast of color, shape and proportion. Armored with organic consistency, the dark char is tactile while its darkened shades aspire to spark interest under further observation.