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Curated Commissions

Presenting Curated Commissions

Collaborate with Patina to curate your treasured work of art.

Patina Gallery is pleased to offer Curated Commissions, a service that has evolved in the course of our over 20-year career with you in mind.

At Patina, we define a curated commission as an act of requesting a new, original, and purposeful jewelry creation. It is a request for a custom, one-of-a-kind piece, made in the style of a desired Patina artist. This bespoke work is then handcrafted with sophisticated techniques and materials to see your vision come true.


The gallery delights in the opportunity to facilitate curated commissioned jewelry for a variety of occasions that can be very special, sentimental, and personal.


Works found at the gallery can spire into a wellspring of inspiration, imagining that perfect treasure you’ve always wanted. Your own keepsakes that mark precious life moments can be captured and turned into unique works of art. Coveted family heirlooms also have the capacity to be reimagined and made anew once again.

We are pleased to bring cherished gallery talents to the forefront, as we open this service to you.

Explore the work of Patina’s commission artists, available to you now.


Curating your ideal commissioned piece is our commitment to serving you. We will dedicate our time, attention, and due diligence to help you on this journey to discovering your most soul-stirring desires.

Our process is an intimate collaboration. You play an important hand in the curation of your work of art and will leave with your realized, indelible story to hold dear for years to come. 



Understand our Step-by-Step Process & Begin Your Journey



We are honored to work with you in this way and thank you for your trust in us to give life to the curation of your dreams. With deep pleasure, we look forward to beginning this process with you.

To learn more about Patina’s Curated Commissions, you may also reach us with questions by email at and by phone at (505) 986-3432. 

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Explore what is possible with the work of our Curated Commission artists.

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Patina Gallery
Couture – Service

Curated Commissions