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Jacqueline Ryan

In my work, I abstract nature and seek to communicate what I have observed and encountered… My work is intended to be worn as well as exciting for those to immerse in the tactile qualities that make this art form so appealing. Ultimately, it is the interaction of the wearer with the work, which truly brings the piece to life and this, for me, is what might be considered a completion of its function.

Jacqueline Ryan crafts works of adornment that mirror the humble and soft tones of the natural world around her. Primarily working in high karat gold, Ryan will also take bright additions such as pearls and enamel to fulfill her compositions.

Utilizing curvaceous forms and multi-layered elements born of the precious metal, Ryan skillfully adheres portions together in meticulous design to comprise the make up of her creation, allowing pieces to move and interact with its wearer in space. Capturing the vivacious churns of a budding blossom or the smooth undulations of an aquatic anemone, textured golden planes are folded, sculpted, pinned to communicate her artful intention.