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Patina =

Beauty / Time.


Patina gallery was established in 1999 on historic West Palace Avenue in the heart of Santa Fe’s Museum district. Since its founding, Patina has become one of the most beautiful galleries in the world to exhibit exclusive, soul – stirring contemporary jewelry and objects of fine art, representing more than 75 renowned global artists, many of whom reside in the permanent collections of significant American and International museums.

We believe “Patina = Beauty over Time” describes the quality we seek in the works that we exhibit, awe-inspiring work by master craftspeople who are museum-worthy, studio makers from around the world.


Patina’s promise, artist to artist, is to present only the best works of art that our founder loves. Through a carefully curated experience, tailored to the senses of sight, sound, and feeling, Patina emboldens collectors to experience works in a world of surface and textural wonder. Our space allows for personal discovery in all aspects of adornment, given in an environment that stimulates the senses and stirs the soul.


For over a century, artists have found their way to New Mexico, as I did, drawn by the poetic light, organic tones of the landscape and indigenous cultures. Santa Fe has become an important international arts destination and attracts visitors from around the globe. This allows Patina to present very sophisticated works against a unique historic and cultural backdrop. With our formula of “Patina = Beauty Over Time”, I feel this might apply to Santa Fe as much as to the works I select and love.

Patina Gallery holds a unique position in the field because we also show studio jewelry in the same gallery space with larger works. I stage them in a manner that allows 'aesthetic discussions' to take place, a kind of dialogue between the jewelry and different objects. I have always felt that great design should inhabit all the works that we exhibit, regardless of scale.


  • Allison Buchsbaum

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    Allison Buchsbaum

    Allison Buchsbaum is the owner of Patina Gallery. She holds a BFA in metalsmithing from Syracuse University and is an authority on artist jewelry. Allison works closely with clients and staff and shares responsibility for all aspects of the gallery’s operations.

  • Derek Wiles

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    Derek Wiles

    Derek Wiles is Patina’s assistant creative director responsible for advertising and visual communications. He joined us in 2016 after moving to Santa Fe from a major London publishing firm. He brings to Patina the design sophistication that satisfied clients across Europe.

  • Jocelyn Montoya

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    Jocelyn Montoya

    Jocelyn Montoya has broad experience in the performing arts. A University of New Mexico graduate, Jocelyn earned honors in theater and dance, and also high praise in New York as an actor, dancer and model. Jocelyn continues to act and model at a high level, and teaches dance at NDI-NM. Joining Patina in 2016 Jocelyn assists at multiple tasks at the gallery and pushes, influences and drives our social media.

  • Grace Barnett

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    Grace Barnett

    Grace Barnett, daughter of owner Allison Buchsbaum is Patina’s forever intern extraordinaire! Grace is currently a junior at Colorado State University and is majoring in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine and a minor in Biomedical Sciences.

  • Angela Le Quieu

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    Angela Le Quieu

    Angela came to Patina in June of 2021 shortly after receiving her BFA in Art History from the University of New Mexico. She also has two Associates degrees from Central New Mexico Community College; in Liberal arts and Fine Arts. Angela has a wide range of life experiences from ballroom dancing professionally to running a winery. She now brings those skills to work with clients at Patina.

  • Tricia English

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    Tricia English

    Tricia joined Patina Gallery in February 2022 as the Creative Project Manager, Media Strategist, and Storyteller. Graduating from Melbourne School of Fashion with a degree in Product Development & Business, Tricia notably founded and ran her own print magazine, and has spent most of her life working successfully in different areas of visual design.

  • Vanessa Cabrera

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    Vanessa Cabrera

    Vanessa Cabrera joined the Patina Team in April 2024 and is currently finishing her bachelor’s in business administration through Southern New Hampshire University. Vanessa brings years of administrative skills and experience working for a global corporation to the administration department of Patina.

  • Windsong Tapia

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    Windsong Tapia

    Native American Art Advocate and fashion aficionado, Windsong Tapia joined Patina in February 2024 as part of the gallery’s day to day operations. A graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado, Tapia honed in her craft of visual storytelling and brings years of experience and knowledge to the administrative team.

  • David Markman

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    David Markman

    David Markman joined Patina gallery in February 2024 after moving to Santa Fe from Southern California. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He brings broad experience in the areas of product photography, portraiture, luxury, and fashion goods as Patina’s lead photographer.

  • Casey Yarrow

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    Casey Yarrow

    Casey, joined Patina in October 2019 as a studio photographer. Originally studying photography in Philadelphia, soon after finishing her studies Casey traveled and moved around the world. Finding inspiration in the people she met and the many different cultures she experienced along the way. Casey later studied yoga and meditation in India. The balance between her art and wellness is what allows Casey to be fully present and fueled by inspiration.