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Patina =

Beauty / Time.

For over a century, artists have found their way to New Mexico, as we did, drawn by the poetic light, organic tones of the landscape and indigenous cultures. During the past decade or more, Santa Fe has become an important international arts destination and attracts visitors from around the globe. This allows Patina to present very sophisticated works against a unique historic and cultural backdrop. We have a formula that we feel describes the quality we seek in the works that we exhibit, "Patina = Beauty over Time." This might apply to Santa Fe as much as to the works we select and love.
Established in 1999, Patina exhibits soul-stirring clay, wood, sculpture, fiber and other mixed media objects. Our gallery holds a unique position in the field because we also show studio jewelry in the same gallery space with larger works. We stage them in a manner that allows 'aesthetic discussions' to take place, a kind of dialogue between the jewelry and different objects. We have always felt that great design should inhabit all the works that we show, regardless of scale. We look for quality of techniques, design and character.


  • Allison Barnett

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    Allison Barnett

    Allison Buchsbaum Barnett co-owns Patina with her husband, Ivan. She holds a BFA in metalsmithing from Syracuse University and is an authority on artist jewelry. Allison works closely with clients and staff and shares responsibility for all aspects of the gallery’s operations.

  • Ivan Barnett

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    Ivan Barnett

    Ivan Barnett, Patina's gallery director, is first and foremost an artist, having enjoyed a successful career of more than 30 years creating his own work. Patina is an extension of this earlier work and a true artistic collaboration with his wife, Allison.

  • Corinne Wilson

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    Corinne Wilson

    Corinne Wilson is our gallery manager, having joined Patina in 2004. Originally from France, she communicates attentively with our international artists and clients.

  • Linda Milanesi

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    Linda Milanesi

    Linda Milanesi develops marketing partnerships for Patina. She joined us in 2010. Previously the director of marketing and public relations for the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Linda has served several prestigious museums and non-profits.

  • Rob Dean

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    Rob Dean

    Rob Dean has been Patina’s storyteller since 2015. A teacher, book editor and volunteer during his 25 years in Santa Fe, he published a book related to the city’s 400th anniversary in 2010. He has an MA in history and was a Santa Fe journalist for many years.

  • Linda Childers

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    Linda Childers

    Linda Childers joined Patina as a sales associate in 2015. A native New Mexican, she holds degrees in fine art and psychology and certification as an equine facilitated therapist. She has worked for 30 years in some of Santa Fe’s top galleries.

  • Derek Wiles

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    Derek Wiles

    Derek Wiles is Patina’s assistant creative director responsible for advertising and visual communications. He joined us in 2016 after moving to Santa Fe from a major London publishing firm. He brings to Patina the design sophistication that satisfied clients across Europe.

  • Jocelyn Montoya

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    Jocelyn Montoya

    Jocelyn Montoya has broad experience in the arts. A Santa Fe High graduate, Jocelyn earned honors in theater and dance at The University of New Mexico and praise in New York as an actor, dancer and model. She joined Patina in 2016 as administrative assistant.