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Christoph Straube

Illustrations of adornment.

Two-dimensional tricks of the eye play with changing perspectives and proportions on the body.

“The object-like character of my pieces is based on their simple geometric shapes in relation to surface, color, and on their materiality. The objects are in an illusionary space, which is perceived even more when worn, but only exists in the viewer’s perception.”

German jewelry artist Christoph Straube enjoys creating jewelry that teases and excites the senses. Reversing the preciousness of materials such as silver, steel, and enamel, he transforms their appearance as if they were sketches cut from paper.

Enamel paintings on metal surfaces become a two-dimensional illusion as concentrated areas evolve in varying gradients and lines. The addition and removal of color is reinterpreted using classical enamel painting techniques with a combination of spraying and sandblasting pieces in between firings. Astonishing compositions emerge, displaying the artist’s impressive spontaneity within the confines of sophisticated creative control.

Changing the perspectives and proportions of basic shapes, the artist shares an array of stunning designs that test spatial perception of the eye. He creates works to enliven the soul, elevated by spectacle and surprise.

Christoph Straube