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Pia Groh

The old and powerful symbol of the circle is the basic form in my body of work. I focus on the rotation and repetitive movements of the form. I lose myself in the material stone because of its strong and powerful appearance and the meditative making process that transpires.

For Austrian artist, Pia Groh, her work is characterized by fineness, reduction and clear design.

A collection of modernistic representation, her pieces of jewelry consistently comprise of rounded forms, most often intended to fit within each other in a composition. Primarily working with agate and nephrite jade, Groh constructs her desired shape out from the raw stones. Then, masterfully, the maker carves each fragment to cultivate the coveted softened surface. With the compliment of oxidized silver, she creates works that conjure palpable beauty surmised by the opaque mystique of the stone, aligned with palatable curiosity.