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Sònia Pibernat

Embodying Adornment

Jumping away from my comfort zone, I have found another way of working. Illustrating my own body’s fluidity, not only in metal, but also paper and fabric, I have allowed my mind to open in a new direction. The result is a culmination of delicate and agile pieces that embody movement and space.

Beginning her jewelry studies in her home city of Barcelona, Spain, Sònia Pibernat first ignited her career in goldsmithing. Soon after finishing her early education, the artist pursued numerous craft and design fairs all over the world. Impressively, a few years later, Pibernat had founded and was managing her own gallery. 

However, the artist wanted to explore a new perspective of jewelry making. In graduate school, she created a new artistic study of motion in Bodies in Motion – Immaterial Lines. Using her body as a medium, and creating volume from paper, she aspired to solve this question: How could she materialize body movements into objects? Primarily utilizing metal and textiles, she continues to explore the beauty and complexities of movement in the human body. Observing photography and drawings of anthropomorphic figures, she ideates form and shape. Adopting textile techniques and her indelible goldsmithing expertise, she creates dynamic and unforgettable jewelry pieces of intimate and familiar works of art.