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June 2 – Oct 14, 2018

Museum-Worthy Makers

Patina honors important jewelry artists who truly are museum-worthy makers

Until now, it seemed almost too ambitious to envision an exhibition like American Jewelry from New Mexico, the show featuring about 300 objects, each the master work of an artist. Those jewelry pieces – bridging cultures, traditions and lands – form a historical arc from 400 B.C. to the present day.

The focus is on what unifies New Mexico jewelry making, not what segments makers. Curator Andrew Connors puts it this way:


“The cacophony of aesthetic voices reflects perfectly the diversity of American heritage itself. It is a perfect case study of what our nation can do at its finest when different cultures meet and influence, and create something entirely new and hybrid”

The curators chose to include several artists represented by Patina. We proudly honor them: Claire Kahn, Harold O'Connor, Kay Khan, G. Phil Poirier, Allison & Ivan Barnett, and the late Carrie Adell.



American Jewelry from New Mexico is open from June 2, at the Albuquerque Museum and running through to October 14, 2018. A book published by the Museum of New Mexico Press complements the exhibition.



Top Image: 'Penasco River' 1998, sterling silver, 14K gold, pigmented steel, by Allison & Ivan Barnett.

Image Above: 'Sediments: No Deposit, No Return' 1984, chased, forged and fabricated copper, sterling silver, 14K gold, brass, nickel, fine silver, diamonds, by Carrie Adell.

Shown below are some of the works from Claire Kahn, Harold O'Connor and Kay Khan.

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June 2 – Oct 14, 2018

Museum-Worthy Makers