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Claire Kahn
December 10th – 21st 2020


Patina Gallery proudly introduces Gratitude, a one-of-a-kind work of art from New Mexico renaissance artist & designer, Claire Kahn.

From the other side of her studio, Kahn composes a multifaceted, two-dimensional collage, opposite from where she creates her extraordinary jewelry, exclusive to Patina

In layer by layer, her paper assemblage unfolds, infused with the intimate spirit, connection and vibrancy that live at the heart of our wintry season.


Gratitude will be released worldwide on the Winter Solstice.
December 21st, 2020, 9am MDT

“The word, ‘gratitude’ emerges from within the piece’s pattern and geometry. The design is made of a collection of small, geometric compositions. When seen as a group, they join to reveal a larger piece, in the same spirit as my bead crochet where each bead joins with others to create a larger, unified whole...
Claire Kahn



At the drawing board, preliminary sketches are armored in variegated shape with a multitude of lines and curves. A geometrical lattice appears as Kahn brilliantly maps emotion into its linear design. Every incision cuts and shapes another sheet. When combined, they reveal a network of complexities attributed to A Season of Gratitude. Stilled meditation slowly turns to solace and peace.

Held against a bright backdrop, Kahn’s work is enlivened, synthesized to a new sense of dimension, which pierces through her tactile mosaic. Contours are elegantly dressed by angles, grander silhouettes and text stretched wide amongst the soothing dance of shadow and light.



“As a child, I remember my father describing cultures and communities around the world who create illumination and warmth in the dead of winter with festivals of light. As with so many children, I was delighted by the twinkle of colored Christmas lights, the Hanukkah Menorah and Jack-O-Lanterns of Halloween...Light is the essential experience in my paper cut collage, where daylight passes through nine layers of cut vellum, resulting in variations of density from light to dark…”

Claire Kahn



Kahn illustrates a methodical and contemplative approach as she internalizes this year’s space and time. Reflection and hope are inscribed into the cornerstones of her imagination where they garner a quiet, yet compelling voice to rest the mind & leave our souls at ease.

The work is enclosed in a UV-protected, museum non-glare glass, acid-free matting and solid maple frame. Prepared with a museum-quality, custom archival box for easy packaging and storage.

The delivered piece comes with a signed artist statement and a portfolio of imagery by Patina Gallery Director, Ivan Barnett, detailing the studio process.

Domestic shipping included, ensuring delivery by December 24th.

Patina gift-wrapping included, upon request.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Gratitude will go to support The New Mexico Wildlife Center.



“Connecting people and wildlife for an abundant tomorrow.”
Mission Statement, New Mexico Wildlife Center.



How to acquire Claire Kahn’s Gratitude for the holiday season

Gratitude is offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Return to this page on the release of Gratitude, and be the first to purchase through our online portal. Qualified purchase must happen online, and cannot be purchased by phone or email.

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Claire Kahn
December 10th – 21st 2020