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Peter Ogilvie & 11 Global Patina Artists
July 7 – August 31, 2023


Patina Gallery Presents

“Ivan Barnett and Allison Buchsbaum Barnett of Patina Gallery have an eye and an ear for beauty in all its forms. They are passionate music lovers, embracing the individuality of performers and production teams alike. This is evident in the pieces they present in the gallery as well; every artist is shown in full lyricism of expression, technique, and creativity. We cherish their commitment to unique artistic endeavor, on stage and off!”
Susan Graham

Patina Gallery is thrilled to welcome longtime friend and photographer Peter Ogilvie and his dramatically beautiful operatic imagery to the gallery for Oxidized.

California native Peter Ogilvie is a renowned lifestyle and still photographer. After graduating from University of California at Berkeley, Ogilvie turned to documentary filmmaking, which led to his passion for photography, both fine art and commercial. Now, with a career spanning over 40 years, his portfolio covers advertising, fashion, art and fine art photography, and his work has won numerous advertising and graphic awards. His images have been printed in prestigious magazines and publications, including Elle, Vogue Italia and Marie Claire. Additionally, he has worked with fashion houses throughout the years, including Armani.

“I love capturing and creating those moments of the absurd and the divine that tell us the stories of who we are. When I am looking through the lens, extraneous distractions disappear, my mind is clear, and I am completely in the moment”
Peter Ogilvie

“I am fascinated with opera as a complete production, not just what you see as an audience. When watching a performance, you only see one frame, but what goes on behind the scenes is truly phenomenal. I love to capture the stories beyond the stage”
Peter Ogilvie

Celebrating our Summer of Opera season, Patina Gallery is excited to introduce Ogilvie’s collection of images taken of opera stars who have adorned themselves with “Patina”—Susan Graham, Brenda Rae, Emily Fons and Sylvia D’Eramo, among others. Dramatic color and contrasts are seen across Ogilvie’s photography, and poignantly illustrate the sheer artistry of opera. Observing each image, one gets a glimpse into the theatrical stories of place and time within the operatic repertoire.

Watch the Mindful Meditation
to accompany the exhibition


Juxtaposed with Ogilvie’s photography, new collections of wearable expressions will be exhibited by 11 of Patina’s artists from around the globe.

Each maker uses remarkable mastery and craftsmanship to create works that are oxidized explorations of beauty and composition, as elements come together in exquisite proportion.


Valentine Dubois

Kayo Saito

Gigi Mariani

Sandra Enterline

Biba Schutz

Daphne Krinos

Enric Majoral

Alison Evans

Patrick Malotki

Tamsen Z by Ann Ziff

Erich Zimmermann

Like-minded passion for beauty and art evolves in the heart of Santa Fe as guests are invited to explore this sumptuous curation of photography and oxidized works made with intention and story. In the spirit of opera, we proudly present a collection of soul-stirring works to cherish forever.

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Peter Ogilvie & 11 Global Patina Artists
July 7 – August 31, 2023