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August 9 – September 15, 2019

Passion & Pearls

Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel returns to Patina Gallery for his eighteenth exhibition.

Schmid reveals a new jewelry collection for the 2019 Santa Fe Opera season. This year, his muse lies in Georges Bizet’s exotic opera, The Pearl Fishers.

The artist notes that his collection seeks to capture the historical prominence of pearl diving, the practice which holds eminence in Bizet’s story, in addition to the textiles, adornment and the beguiling atmosphere of Nineteenth Century Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka).

“I want to capture the gorgeous textiles adorned by the women of Ceylon, and the pure effervescence of pearls just gathered by the pearl divers. The dangle of my earrings mimics the movement of those eagerly on their way to market to sell the stones. The diamond is the last touch, the sparkle in one’s eye.”
Peter Schmid, Atelier Zobel

Schmid explores the passionate tensions of oxidized sterling silver brushed aflame with high karat gold upon its surface. Captivated by the sheer opalescence of the pearl, he wields its intricate luster alongside the irresistible glimmer of sapphire and abalone’s effulgent glow.

Acknowledging the movement of Orientalism, which besotted Western Europe during the time 25-year old Bizet composed The Pearl Fishers, Schmid conceptualizes a collection of jewels sensitive to an individual romance of Southeast Asia. Passion & Pearls captures the powerful poignancy and thematic vivacity of the compelling opera in a breathtaking collection of jewels.

The Peter Schmid Atelier Zobel Carnet 2019

Each year Peter brings a unique selection of works to Patina Gallery which are available to collectors for the duration of the exhibition, through August 31st.

For more information on the work, please call Allison on 505 986 3432 or email:

Meet the maker as you unveil a measure of opulence, which will awaken the eye and enliven the soul.



For more information on the work, please email:

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August 9 – September 15, 2019

Passion & Pearls