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About the Image - Steve jobs

A frozen moment

an iconic image

How did one famous photo get from Silicon Valley in the Eighties to Santa Fe in the new millennium?


Steve Jobs, speaking of course with his hands, stood before his twentysomething crusaders in 1986 to explain the revolutionary cycles of technology.

Photojournalist Doug Menuez froze that moment, the very picture of intensity and genius. Thirty-one years later, the image became the face of The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.

It happened because Ivan Barnett of Patina Gallery introduced Doug to the Santa Fe Opera team as they prepared for the world premiere of (R)evolution. Ivan, knowing of Doug’s work through Ivy Ross, a VP at Google and a Patina jewelry co-curator for the exhibition Crafted Visions, had the vision to exhibit Doug’s work as a complement to the opera.



The exhibition represents 15 years of Menuez’s life. His 2014 book Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985-2000 presents the inside story of Jobs on the brink of making computer history.

The opera team, realizing it was about to make history of its own, and the power of Doug's image, quickly reached out to him and chose to use the portrait to present Jobs and (R)evolution to the world.

See the show:
Fearless Genius by Doug Menuez is now showing at Patina Gallery, Santa Fe.

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About the Image - Steve jobs