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Patina'd Bronze and Silver Earrings

Maker: Biba Schutz

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Bronze, sterling silver

An alluring work that jovially reveals the hand of the maker. These earring by Biba Schutz are an intriguing illustration of form and composition. Silver and bronze coalesce in this layered design as portions are bended to create moving, concave planes that become the body of the work. Joined together by slender, silver rings, the maker expertly pins the outer portions underneath, fulfilling this interesting shape. On the ear, the work is a light and striking expression that propels motion with every sway or tilt of the head. Quite a lovely expression to make one feel confident and chic.

• 2.25" (5.72cm) length of earrings

• 0.50" (1.27cm) maximum width of earrings

• 2.50" (6.35cm) length of sterling silver ear wires

• Piece may be ordered, each piece is individually handmade, therefore, design may vary slightly

• Bronze finish is one of a kind, for additional orders, it may be replicated, but will vary

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