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Bronze Link Necklace

Maker: Biba Schutz

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As part of her Linkage Collection, maker, Biba Schutz amasses a collision of bright, bronze portions that are then united to create a dynamic necklace in scale, volume and space. The progression of the piece begins with single elements linked together that then transition into a thick collection of forms. A busy medley of elongated bronze meets at the base of the piece, stunning the gaze as its structured web reveals bits of itself. Around its perimeter, the metallic network fluctuates between acute edges with soft and long configurations. Placed around the neck, Schutz's work becomes a mighty sensation. Each bronze member readily moves with each sway and turn of the body. An intricate and refined work of art, ready to satiate the soul.

• 20.5" (52.07cm) length of necklace

• 1" (2.54cm) width of necklace

• 3" (7.62cm) necklace drop/extension

• Piece may be ordered, each piece is individually handmade, therefore, design may vary slightly

• Bronze finish is one of a kind, for additional orders, it may be replicated, but will vary

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