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Chrome Diopside and Gold Pomo Necklace

Chrome Diopside and Gold Pomo Necklace

Maker: Claire Kahn

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Cylindrical glass beads, chrome diopside, 18K yellow gold

Chrome Diopside and Gold Pomo Necklace, pools of light in bronze, deep blue, blue purple, metallic green and gold with Pomo pattern in 18K with chrome diopside cabochon teardrops.

Pomo Indian Wedding Baskets

“Given to a bride at her betrothal, twined dowry baskets are some of the most complex objects woven by Pomo artists. The basic pattern of the basket includes different sizes of serrated design motifs that are animated with topknot feathers from California Quail, imported glass beads and indigenous clamshell beads.”-Chicago Art Institute 

“When a necklace or bracelet is embellished with long slender beads, with gaps between, I’m reminded of the Pomo Indians of Northern California and their wedding basket tradition. Some baskets were completely covered with feathers, others used feathers selectively to embellish or punctuate (and often expand on) the basket’s pattern.”-Claire Kahn

• 43" (109.22cm) length

• .25" (.63cm), .75" (1.90cm) width

• Could be wrapped 5-6 times around your wrist for a bracelet

• One of a kind

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