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Collar with Antique Shell Amulets

Collar with Antique Shell Amulets

Maker: Lucia Antonelli

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Antique French brass beads, ancient Mesopotamian carved shell amulets, (3500-3000 BC), antique coral and silver beads, New Guinea shell ring 

With a careful and delicate hand, Lucia Antonelli scripts an exquisite and intriguing design of adornment. Stringing a chorus of tiny French brass beads, cleverly salvaged from 19th Century handbags, the artist pairs its superb nature with a selection of ancient Mesopotamian carved shell amulets. Their soft alabaster surfaces takes one's breath away as their charismatic contours reflect in gleams of historic eminence, as precious relics of time. Eloquently, between shells, the artist balances the work with an array of antique coral along with silvery talismans. Within this materialistic medley of wonder arises a detailed and brilliant statement, an evocative neck piece to stir the soul. Quite a marvelous assemblage of shape and color that continually sets the heart aflame.

• 22" (55.88cm) length of necklace

• 1" (2.54cm) width of necklace

• One of a kind

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