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Dapple Grey Andalusian II

Dapple Grey Andalusian II

Maker: Claire Kahn

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Cylindrical glass beads

This stunning necklace, part of the Horses series, in a Lyda pattern in white, light and dark greys, with line of faceted, heart shaped, Black Spinel briolettes.

Horses is a series inspired by the color and pattern of a selection of different horses including, Bay, the color of Figaro, who lives in the pasture near my house, Dapple Grey Andalusian, a beautiful horse with dappled grey spots that emerge from a light body and transition to a dark mane, tail and legs and Buckskin, my favorite color. The Buckskin horse is a tan, honey color, with black points.

Before I moved to New Mexico, I admired horses, but was never as aware of their many variations in their color and pattern. Living here, being closer to them, has inspired me to create a series of necklaces that express their beauty.

• 24" (60.96cm) length, .37" (0.93cm) width

• One of a kind

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